Blue Square
Blue Square Blue Square Blue Square
  • Computer Repairs
  • Buying or Upgrading
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Computer Networking
  • Data Recovery & Backup
  • Internet Access & Upgrades
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Remote Access Service
  • Computer Traning
  • Web Design
  • Laptop & Notebook Repair
SPECIALISED SERVICES – Garment machines &
General machine repairs

Blue Square Solutions has the capability and experience to develop various software products with special expertise in:
  • Application Development
  • Software Design
  • Software Application Development
  • Windows & Web Applications
  • Platform development

At Blue Square Solutions our software engineers also specialise in custom-built applications involving both commercial and open source development tools/platforms.

One of the many strengths of Blue Square Solutions is our familiarity with a large number of vertical market software for example Real Estate, Medical Practices etc

With experienced software engineers and their extensive knowledge, we at Blue Square Solutions are able to create both simple and complex Information systems and applications.

Home Users Services Small Businesses Services Enterprise/Corporate Services
Windows/Mac/Linux/Ubuntu desktop, Laptop & LAN support
Broadband Internet, Router, switch & wireless access point Data cabling
VoIP Services
Virus and Spyware management
Overseas SPAM call management
Support for Industry recognized applications for real estate offices, Insurance brokers, solicitors and GP's
Inter office branches connectivity
Server ,desktop, cable and internal Network management
Support open source OS and applications
Hardware and software supply and installations
Scheduled Maintenance contract
POS system solutions
Facilities Management
Backup and recovery services
Disaster recovery Services
Business continuity management
Capacity Planning and Performance Management
Develop and deploy best practice Security policies
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